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Yellowstone Adventure [Part 6 of 6]

On the last day of our vacation, we began in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Our hotel was located within the Hot Springs State Park. Also in town is the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, a respected museum of paleontology.

Within walking distance of the hotel is this beehive-shaped structure. No, it wasn't formed by mineral deposits over millions of years. It actually happened over the past hundred years or so, as travertine deposits collected around the mouth of a pipe that was designed to carry water from the springs.

Once we were packed, we made our way to the museum. It opened rather early, and was quite uncrowded the whole time we were there (in fact, very few places were "crowded" during our entire trip). Here are some scenes from the exhibits.

A trilobite, an ammonite, and a stromatolite.

In each of these three scenes, a bunch of animals died at once. Sucks to have been them.

Here we see a few non-dinosaur vertebrates, including a coelocanth, a dimetrodon, and some winged & some marine reptiles.

This is perhaps the museum's most prized fossil, an Archaeopteryx, the only specimen presently displayed outside of Europe.

And then, on to the dinosaurs!

This is "Jimbo", a specimen of Supersaurus over 100 feet in length.

Some souvenirs. Didn't buy these, but I think I can say "yay" to just about every magnet there.

Though we didn't stay at this hotel, I wanted to take pictures. Maybe we'll stay here next time we're in the area.

I love tunnels.

By the time we reached our next attraction, Hells Half Acre, it was straight-up snowing.

A few hours, a couple of hundred miles, and fifty degrees later, we were returning to Sweet Home Colorado.

In late afternoon, we were home.