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Destination Wedding

Five weeks from today, I will be a married man.

Tim and I will go to Macon, Georgia to do the deed. It will be at my sister's house. We aren't being very lavish, and are trying to encourage a no-gifts approach (we have asked people to instead do or buy something nice for someone else who needs it more).

In the past 24 hours, we have gotten fitted for tuxedos, ordered rings, chosen our cake, booked flight and hotel for our honeymoon, and started receiving back our first RSVPs.

Some would say we're cutting it close, and we are, but we want it to be a low-key affair, and not make a huge to-do over it. The (one) cake is from Publix. The DJ will be Yours Truly, running a pre-selected 80s/90s/today mix from an iPad. We'll have some funny, geeky surprises.

No church. The way we see it, pretty much every piece of good news for gay people in the past 20-25 years has come over the objections of organized religion, so why let them anywhere near us on the best day of our life?

The honeymoon will be three months later, at a place we're keeping secret for now. Our passports are at the door!
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Future Unbound

So, I think I'm ready to talk about what I've been up to since I was last active on LiveJournal.

When last we met, it was the summer of 2012. I wasn't particularly caring for my call center job—it was bad hours, comically micromanaged, and the commute was way too long for what I was making. Still I persisted. We traveled some more. Made it back East to see family that Thanksgiving, and went to Disneyland at Christmastime.

In June 2013, Tim and I were joined in a civil union at the top of the steps at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Even though it wasn't technically "married", friends would still say things like, "I enjoyed meeting your husband!"

There were some improvements at work, but mostly, I felt like I was on autopilot. Working as hard as I could to keep in place, somewhere low in the second quintile. Was this as good as things could get?

But 2014... that was the year *everything* changed. Tim finished his Master's. I landed an IT job closer to home, with a big bump in pay. Tim also got a better job. Late in the year we bought our first house, in a nice Denver suburb.

Life lately has revolved around the home: meal planning, cleaning up for company, furniture shopping, electronics shopping, tools shopping, yard work, learning how to clean gutters, learning how to cook with propane, wondering what flowers will sprout.

There has been no shortage of entertainment—this summer, we went to the Denver Comic Con, and took a road trip to Glacier National Park. We still live very nicely without cable—I've bought a bunch of Blu-Rays that I still don't have time to watch. We eat dinner at a TABLE, with no TV in sight. There's a 24 Hour Fitness just down the street, and I manage to go there two or three times a week. Passport is freshly renewed.

Not very long ago, I felt boxed-in by limitations. Now, I see myself surrounded by opportunity. Instead of asking how I can stay afloat, I'm asking, "What'd be fun to do *next*?"
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First Impressions

This entry is written for first-time visitors to my blog. I started writing a regular weblog in 2003, and created a LiveJournal in 2004 (retroactively transcribing some 2003 entries). For the last two years, I had a Paid account, and when that expired in July 2012, I stopped writing new entries here.

It may seem odd to entitle a blog's final entry "First Impressions". But after all, that is the format most blogs take. Like geological strata, the most recent items are on top, and one must dig deeper to find the older layers. I invite you to do that here.

So, what shall I say about myself? My name is Toby Click. As of July 2012, I am a 39-year-old living in Denver, Colorado with Tim, my partner of nine years. Also we have the cats Zinger and Moose, about ten salt- and fresh-water fish, and a colony of Sea-Monkeys, all of which live much more healthily than the plants I attempt to grow.

Tim and I moved here in 2008-2009 from Georgia. There, I worked as a planetarium curator—a career I enjoyed much more than my present one in tech support. My interests include: all sciences (especially astronomy, geology, and paleontology), nature, the outdoors, travel, photography, geocaching, beer, electronic dance music, national and global politics, and movies—especially science fiction and fantasy. My furniture is IKEA, my shoes are Skechers, and my vacations tend to involve National Parks. We don't have cable, opting instead to watch Hulu and Netflix.

Though I would technically fit the definition of "atheist", I don't particularly care for the word itself, since it defines me by what I am not. There are many more interesting things to know about me, than what I don't do, or don't believe. I do my best to respect differing opinions in religion, politics, and elsewhere, as I recognize it's a big planet, and not everyone is going to agree with me.

What offends me? Littering, wilful ignorance, and the wasting of food, especially meat.

I have no children, and it seems unlikely that I ever will. Human behavior is driven by incentives, and for Tim and me, the incentive to be parents just doesn't exist.

Regarding my account name: a "theropod" is a type of meat-eating dinosaur, which includes Allosaurus, Velociraptor, and Tyrannosaurus Rex. I chose that handle just because I liked the sound of the word; it's not even my "favorite" type of dinosaur (Triceratops is).

Why am I discontinuing this blog, after maintaining it for eight years and 1,771 entries? Aside from the obvious (no one uses LiveJournal anymore), I need time to refocus myself, realign. Need to figure out: if I'm going to broadcast to the world, what am I going to say? I may continue using this space to write private entries—I do find it useful to maintain a timeline for personal reference.

There is a separate photoblog that I intend to keep updating for the foreseeable future, at http://toby5280.blogspot.com/ . There is a daily entry with a picture, for each day since I moved to Colorado.

To those who have read my LiveJournal during the past eight years, thank you. I'll see you... out there.
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Yellowstone Adventure [Part 4 of 6]

This entry describes events that took place May 22, 2012.

On our first day in Yellowstone National Park, we had watched eruptions at Old Faithful, toured more geysers and springs than we could count, and were stopped in the road more than once by lumbering bison. This second day would take us to a different part of the park, which included the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

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Yellowstone Adventure [Part 2 of 6]

When we started planning this trip some months ago, I had rather neglected the fact that an annular eclipse would happen on Sunday, May 20. Having seen my fair share of partial solar eclipses over the years, they tend to register as only minor blips to me (I am far more interested in the total eclipse that will sweep North America in 2017). If I'd thought about this annular far enough in advance, we might have swapped our 2011 and 2012 itineraries to be better positioned for the full annularity. But it was OK. As usual, I had a plan.

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