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Destination Wedding

Five weeks from today, I will be a married man.

Tim and I will go to Macon, Georgia to do the deed. It will be at my sister's house. We aren't being very lavish, and are trying to encourage a no-gifts approach (we have asked people to instead do or buy something nice for someone else who needs it more).

In the past 24 hours, we have gotten fitted for tuxedos, ordered rings, chosen our cake, booked flight and hotel for our honeymoon, and started receiving back our first RSVPs.

Some would say we're cutting it close, and we are, but we want it to be a low-key affair, and not make a huge to-do over it. The (one) cake is from Publix. The DJ will be Yours Truly, running a pre-selected 80s/90s/today mix from an iPad. We'll have some funny, geeky surprises.

No church. The way we see it, pretty much every piece of good news for gay people in the past 20-25 years has come over the objections of organized religion, so why let them anywhere near us on the best day of our life?

The honeymoon will be three months later, at a place we're keeping secret for now. Our passports are at the door!


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May. 1st, 2016 01:04 am (UTC)
I'm very happy for you guys and completely agree about the church part. :D
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